Oil products from

  • Moscow
  • Yaroslavl
  • Omsk


All filling stations of Gazprom Neft’s oil product supply enterprises offer oil products from the Moscow, Yaroslavl and Omsk Refineries, which are some of the best and most modern producers of motor gasolines, diesel fuels and oils in Russia. High-quality oil products provide reliable and long-term operation of automotive vehicles and tractors.

The quality of fuel at the filling stations of Gazprom Neft´s oil product supply enterprises fully complies with the requirements of Decree No. 118 of the Government of the Russian Federation adopted on 27 February 2008 “On Approval of Technical Regulation "On Requirements for Automobile and Aviation Petrol, Diesel and Marine Fuel, Jet Fuel and Heating Oil""

Our reference: in accordance with the new technical regulation, Class 2 petrol shall have an octane number of at least 92, and sulphur content (one of main ecological cleanness parameters) of maximum 500 mg/kg. A similar requirement with regard to sulphur is applied to diesel fuel in this class. Classes 3, 4 and 5 gasolines shall have an octane number of at least 95 and sulphur content of maximum 150, 50 and 10 mg/kg, respectively; in diesel fuel in these classes, sulphur content shall not exceed 350, 50 and 10 mg/kg, respectively.