• 31 MAR 2011

    Gazpromneft - Chelyabinsk launched gasoline A-98 class Euro 4.

    The company Gazpromneft - Chelyabinsk, a subsidiary of Russia's largest oil company Gazprom Neft, has launched a retail and wholesale segment of gasoline Super Euro-98, corresponding to class 4 of the Technical Regulations for motor fuels. Sulphur content in petrol Super Euro-98 Environmental Class 4 decreased compared with the same brand of gasoline previous class from 150 to 50 mg / kg, the volume fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons - from 42 to 35%.

    Of fuel at gas stations Gazpromneft - Chelyabinsk supplied its own processors, Gazprom Neft. In particular, the Omsk oil refinery - the flagship of Russia's oil refinery, which is one of high-tech factories in Russia that are among the largest plants in the world. Fuel produced by the Omsk refinery meets the highest standards of quality. Merit oil refinery and the quality of the products they appreciated the Government of the Russian Federation - Omsk Oil Refinery awarded the prize "for achieving significant results in quality products and services." Omsk Refinery became the sole venture petrochemical industry in Russia, awarded this reward.

    The upgrading of gasoline Super Euro-98 produced at the Omsk refinery, thanks to his involvement in the formulation isomerate - high-octane component of the modern motor fuels with zero sulfur content, aromatic and unsaturated hydrocarbons. In the Omsk refinery fuel no harmful impurities that can cause considerable damage to the environment, moreover it has a positive effect on the performance of the engine.

    Gazprom Neft is consistently implementing its ambitious program of upgrading its refining assets, an important goal is to improve the quality of motor fuels. The company has implemented a complex system of fuel quality control at all stages - from production and processing to transportation and the realization that ensures motorists in blue and white gas stations Gazpromneft exceptionally high-quality petroleum products.

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